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Perfect Vision Has Arrived

Thank you for your interest in Kabisa Ministries. We are dedicated to serving the Continent of Africa. We desire that your heart will be touched by the work of Jesus Christ through us. Our aim is to see Africa restored by the power of Jesus as shown through His Church.

AfricaAfrica has been an area of great glory as well as great shame, yet God's vision for this beautiful land stretches far beyond what any eye has ever seen. We believe that God has great purposes for the nations of Africa through the restoration of the individual person! Kabisa Ministries International is dedicated to partner with God to that end.


God has give Kabisa Ministries a clear vision and directive. The Lord has specifically called us to the Continent of Africa. He has specified certian places that we will go and start, yet He continues to speak that it is about the whole Continent. We believe that our work will influence every nation in Africa whether directly or indirectly.


We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a seed that is to be planted within every culture. This seed grows into a living expression of Jesus within that culture.

We wish not to take a western form of the gospel and transplant it, but to see an expression from every tribe, tongue, and nation. We want to empower the local church. Ephesians chapter 4 gives us insights into the maturity of the Church, and it is our purpose to be wise master builders in order to see Jesus re-presented in Africa-through His Church. 

Scriptually, the Church is supposed to bring solutions to all of the worlds problems. Like Solomon who taught the nations, we are called to disciple nations with the wisdom of God's Kingdom, and display Jesus' power through signs and wonders.


We envision an Africa without orphans; where orphanages have become obsolete, and orphans have found identities based in loving families. Kabisa Ministries is opening "Orphan Homes" or "Homes" where orphans will be legally adopted by us as well as trustworthy members of the local church.

These "homes" are to be made up of several houses where "parents" will watch over a given number of children within each home.

God has shown us a more personal way of restoring the hearts of children. We know that as we are faithful to His vision orphans will become sons and daughters, and no longer held under the stigma and pain of being parentless. Each child will live in a home where personal interaction from the house mothers and fathers is an abundant everyday occurrence.

Our goal is for there to be no need for orphanages. We see from Scripture that it is the local churches commission from God to be the answer to those who are parentless.